Types of Paint You Can Use On Your House In Denver Colorado

Remove dust and dirt, use old and clean rags, iron sandpaper. Apply a coat of primer to get the paint to adhere smoothly. Use quality products to apply no more than two layers. In addition, when they are certified products, you guarantee an exact weight.

Choosing good quality paint tools will ensure better coverage of the surface to be painted, so it will save on paint, apart from achieving a better finish. Have on hand the necessary tools to work, whether roller, extendable stick, synthetic hair brushes, and flat tuft. Take into account abundant hair rollers for rough walls and short hair rollers for smooth walls. Acrylic resin-based paints have a long duration.

Use the right colors, keep the exterior facade with modern, soft colors. It is recommended to consult a professional. Cover the floor so that the dripping of the paint does not stain the floor. Start painting the ceilings, removing what is dripping with a damp cloth, and the existing stain will be covered when painted. Continue with the walls, painting from top to bottom for a perfect finish.

Types of paintings for the exterior of your house in Denver

Matte plastic paint: formulated based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion. They have great coverage and adhesion, in addition to being washable. Top-quality universal paint with a 100% acrylic base. Silky matte appearance, it forms a very thin film and maintains the structure of the support. Good adhesion on all types of materials and supports.

Acrylic paint: they are high-performance acrylic coatings with polysiloxane resins. They have a long duration with excellent weather resistance, resistant to attack by fungi and algae. They are stable paints before the sun’s rays. Acrylic paints are quick-drying, water-soluble, and once dry, they are resistant to it.

Silicate paint: these are paintings that cover the external facades very well; they are based on potassium silicate and acrylic water resins. They are recommended to cover old houses because their matte finish respects their historical aspects. They provide great weather resistance, especially for external walls. One of its most important properties is that they cover wall imperfections very well. They are used to restore other types of paints, as well as to cover natural stones, achieving a very uniform effect.


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